Michael Whelan

Vice President of Facilities and Supply Chain


As system vice president of Facilities and Supply Chain, Mike oversees all of facilities and supply chain management, real estate, security, environmental services, biomedical engineering, construction, and renovation projects. In addition, he serves as chair of the EMHS Environment of Care Team (safety committee) and directs the overall maintenance and repair operations for EMHS.

The road to here

Mike is a certified clinical engineer and has found working in healthcare to be a satisfying and rewarding career. He received his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and Masters of Science in clinical engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Some of his earlier career achievements include negotiating a memorandum of understanding with the State of Massachusetts that allowed the University of Massachusetts Medical Center to construct its first new building since the hospital’s original construction.  He also created a nationally recognized support services response center at the Henry Ford Health System.

Before coming to Maine, Mike worked as vice president of Facilities Management and Supply Chain for St. Peter’s Health Partners in Albany, New York. He’s also held leadership roles at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland; Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan; and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Guiding Principle

Mike has two principles that frequently apply to his role:

1) While the overall mission of the healthcare organization is to put the patient first, the primary customer of facilities and supply chain are the caregivers. Facilities and Supply Chain professionals provide the environment in which care is given safely and effectively. Their contributions are important to a provider’s level of engagement and satisfaction.

2) Staff at all levels should feel empowered to make decisions. Mike says, “I am not a genius with all the answers. I want my staff to apply themselves fully and make as many decisions as possible. I will support them in this endeavor.”

Proudest Accomplishments

While at St. Peter’s Health Partners, Mike was particularly proud of his team. His team went through two mergers in three years, regionally and nationally. Although the team was made up of staff from three different legacy organizations, they worked collaboratively to create an integrated Facilities and Supply Chain model that is now an example of how to integrate across a regional system.

What he is trying to do

Mike has been a leader in great healthcare organizations looking to achieve excellence. He is looking forward to contributing his skill and talent toward EMHS achieving its vision to become a model of excellence in healthcare by 2020.

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