Jeff Doran

Vice President, System Clinical Services


As vice president of System Clinical Services, Jeff is responsible for the effective operation of system services spanning EMHS as part of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer structure and will exercise management responsibility over those areas, ensuring efficient services that are designed to meet the needs of stakeholders. The focus is on achieving the Triple Aim plus one—an excellent experience for our patients, improving the health of our communities, and lowering the cost of care, while providing a great environment for providers and employees to contribute to our work.

The development of a highly integrated clinical services structure takes an engaged and effective team to ensure consistency and performance excellence throughout our system. Jeff works closely with various administrative and clinical leaders across the system, as well as EMHS’ associate chief medical officer and chief quality officer on strategic performance improvement initiatives and operational objectives. In addition, he facilitates the completion of comprehensive business plans for new lines of business, alternative delivery models, and clinical services.

The road to here

Jeff has always had a natural interest for healthcare starting at an early age. He received his MA in Health Services Administration from George Washington University in Washington, DC, as well as a BS in Health Services Administration from Providence College in Rhode Island.
He has held many administrative leadership positions throughout his professional career, including vice president of professional and support services for North Adams Regional Hospital in North Adams, Massachusetts (1982-1985); vice president of Business Development for Bayshore Community Health Services in Holmdel, New Jersey (1985-1987); and vice president of Administrative Services for Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts (1987-1995).

In 1995, he assumed the position of chief executive officer of Hale Hospital in Haverhill, Massachusetts, a member organization of Quorum Health Resources, and in 1997 became the president and chief executive officer for Quincy Hospital, also a member of Quorum.

Before coming to EMHS, he was employed by Lahey Health System where he held several positions as well, including senior vice president of Operations (2000-2012) and chief operating officer (2012-2014) for the Burlington Hospital and vice president for Real Estate Administration for the Lahey Health System. He arrived at EMHS in August of 2015.

Guiding Principle

Throughout his professional career, Jeff has always been guided by respect, a caring for others, teamwork, and a dedication to performing at your personal best, every day. He also believes it is imperative that we always keep the patients’ best interest in mind and drive operational performance with a commitment to improving the patient experience through evidence-based practices.

Proudest Accomplishments

Jeff is particularly proud that throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to be a part of and lead many great teams that have contributed to the improvement of patient care and the well-being of many communities. He enjoys building strong coalitions and effective teams to accomplish all kinds of great things.

What he is trying to do

Jeff hopes to continue supporting the integration of systems and process that can lead to better population health management and build upon EMHS’ successes towards achieving the vision to be a model of excellence in healthcare by 2020.
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