Medical alert systems Maine, Medical alert button Maine, Personal emergency response system MaineEMHS LiveSAFE is a home-based personal emergency response service staffed by Maine professionals within our healthcare system. A touch of the LiveSAFE medical alert button provides immediate 24/7 access to trained staff and a quick response to any emergency; you or your family are never alone when you need help. For about a dollar a day, you get peace of mind and security. You're not required to pay an installation fee, buy any equipment or make a long-term commitment.

LiveSAFE is made possible through the collaboration of EMHS members – Rosscare and The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC). Through partnerships within our system, we provide you with safe and affordable technology so people of all ages can enjoy living safely and independently in their own homes. Locally, Charles A Dean Memorial Hospital in Greenville, Inland Hospital in Waterville, Sebasticook Valley Health in Pittsfield and Eastern Maine Medical Center and Rosscare in Bangor support the EMHS LiveSAFE program.



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The personal emergency response system service is ideal for a variety of people including seniors, adults and children with disabilities, and those with short-term needs. Besides medical attention, some use LiveSAFE to summon help if they are alarmed about strange or disturbing noises, trespassers intruding or if they are nervous and need to speak with someone about their concerns. One subscriber told us she pushed her medical alert button when she had a chimney fire, and the firemen quickly arrived and extinguished the fire before it became extensive. In the winter time, when many Mainers light their fireplaces or use space heaters to stay warm, LiveSAFE subscribers can be assured they can quickly summon help if they experience a fire emergency. A Maine based operator is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to provide assistance. Furthermore, medical alert button subscribers can answer their ringing home phone by pressing the LiveSAFE button that they wear, thus preventing a potential fall from rushing to get the phone.
For questions, call us at 207-973-7080 or toll free at 1-877-880-7677.


EMHS Members Offering LiveSAFE:


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Medical alert systems Maine, Medical alert button Maine, Personal emergency response system Maine

LiveSAFE Proudly serves Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Brewer, Brunswick, Bucksport, Dover-Foxcroft, Ellsworth, Greenville, Lewiston, LincolnMillinocket, Newport, Orono, Pittsfield, and Waterville, Maine.

We currently provider services in the following Maine counties: Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Penobscot, Sagadahoc, Waldo.


  • "My heartfelt ”thanks” goes to the staff of the EMHS LiveSAFE Response Service and Hampden, Maine Paramedics for the immediate response to an emergency in the middle of the night. They saved my life. " Read More

    Ruth of Maine

  • "We had an experience with a chimney fire. Without your expert help we could have had an extensive fire. You called the fire department and it was extinguished promptly. Thank you very much."

    Blanche, Orrington

  • "I would like to thank LiveSAFE for their service. I have seizures and have had to use LiveSAFE to call for help. If it wasn’t for LiveSAFE, I would not have had the help to take me to the hospital and this might have cost me my life."

    Clifford, Bucksport

  • "I am a diabetic and having LiveSAFE makes me feel safe. When my blood sugar levels fluctuate and I need help quick, I know I can depend on LiveSAFE."

    Crystal, Orono

  • "I appreciate the secure feeling I get, especially at night. Even though I have relatives within a few miles, they do not answer their phones always and sometimes “speed is of the essence” so I feel safe with my personal emergency “help” button which I carry with me."

    Ellen, Bucksport

  • "…At the push of a button the ambulance was there in seconds. It is a wonderful service."

    Fran, Orono

  • "At 2:30 am, I fell in the bathroom and managed to drag myself to the bedroom. I was not able to get up and get help. After this situation, a friend told me about LiveSAFE. I have told two or three others about LiveSAFE since then."

    Margaret (Peggy), Bangor

  • "I am glad that I have LiveSAFE because it has worked twice for me. I broke my ankle and within ten minutes, I had help. The second time, I thought I was having a heart attack and again, I had help real soon."

    Arlene, Glenburn

  • ""I'm writing to let you know that I had Rosscare LiveSAFE for 9 years. Because I lived alone at an apartment complex, my children wanted me to get it. I had a bad fall in my bedroom, couldn't move and my nose was bleeding. The entry door and my apartment door were locked so thank God for my emergency button. They called my step-daughter and ambulance to check me out. That one call made the 9 years worth it. I highly recommend it." - Charlotte, Bangor" Read More

    Charlotte, Bangor