Miller Drug Repositions to Better Serve Local Communities and Hospitals

The pharmacy business has changed since Miller Drug first opened its doors in Bangor in 1957—and continues to change at a fast pace. To best position the pharmacy for the future, the business started on a journey more than a year ago to expand the current services that they provide. While Miller has made strides in many areas, they have also faced some challenges, including difficulty with the recent implementation of a new technology platform designed to automate a growing volume of long term care sites and retail business activity.
Recently, Miller and EMHS have taken the opportunity to revisit and review the current service delivery model for the pharmacy. Vincent Mainella, chief operating officer at Miller Drug shares, “We feel confident we are building a stronger strategy for the future that will not only better serve our communities but strengthen the support we provide our hospitals, homecare organizations, and long term care facilities. However, as a result, we need to make adjustments that will affect our current Miller Drug staffing model. Some positions will be going away, but new positions are being created at Miller and throughout EMHS.”
This change will result in the loss of 19 positions primarily affecting our long term care pharmacy. Mainella continues, “Miller Drug will work closely with displaced employees and EMHS Human Resources to find new, suitable positions for those employees who wish to remain in the system.”
Miller Drug’s future plans include expanding the clinical services to specialty areas such as rheumatology, oncology, hematology, and pediatrics, as well as enhancing both their hospital and homecare delivery programs. In addition, they will be improving their delivery system by streamlining the services they provide to both long term care and the public. Jeff Doran, vice president of System Clinical Services at EMHS, who has helped lead the repositioning commented, “Exciting opportunities are on the horizon for Miller Drug. The changes ahead align with where pharmacy service delivery is heading, and we look forward to continuing to serve our Maine communities for generations to come.”
Miller Drug is a part of Affiliated Pharmacy Services, a division of EMHS. EMHS is a statewide integrated healthcare system that offers a broad range of health delivery services and providers, including: acute care, medical-surgical hospitals, a free-standing acute psychiatric hospital, primary care and specialty physician practices, long-term care and home health agencies, and ground and air emergency transport services. For more information, visit www.emhs.org. For more information on Miller Drug, visit www.millerdrug.com.

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