On June 8, we take a stand against community-based violence

Throughout EMHS, our mission is to improve the health and lives of the people we serve. We do this in ways that are obvious—such as when our emergency department teams save a trauma patient, and in ways that are subtler—such as when we decide collectively to take a stand on important issues that affect the fabric of our communities in very profound ways.
We promise to advocate for our patients and our communities in meaningful ways that extend beyond the walls of our hospitals and buildings. This is why EMHS is standing with other healthcare organizations across the nation in the American Hospital Association’s Hospitals Against Violence (HAV) campaign. On Friday, June 8, the AHA is hosting the second annual #HAVhope Day of Awareness to focus national attention on ending violence. This campaign includes shared tweets, posted photos, and other online efforts to raise awareness. 
Hospitals and health systems like ours see the consequences of violence and disasters in our communities every day. You can become an #HAVhope supporter by visiting our social media pages and sharing our message with your friends and contacts, and by also going to AHA.org/havhope to learn more and to join in this important national discussion. Senseless violence has no place in civilized society.  Let’s all do our part to stop that violence.
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