EMHS Finalizes New Structure for Information Systems - New Model to Provide Improved Service and Estimated $2M Decrease in Costs


Brewer, Maine – (September 24, 2014) – Nationally, the healthcare delivery and reimbursement environment is rapidly transforming. To stay ahead of the curve, EMHS must proactively and strategically become more nimble and efficient to provide the best solutions for the health needs of our communities. During the last two years, EMHS member organizations have been working to “reinvent” how we provide care and how our many services and business functions can be redesigned and improved. Thus far, by working together, EMHS members have reviewed and developed new models for Human Resources, Credentialing, Legal Services, and now Information Systems.

After thorough review and much discussion and consideration, EMHS Information Systems is filling the roles that will shape the new Information Systems (IS) structure. Kyle Johnson, EMHS system vice president and chief information officer commented, “This new streamlined structure will strategically position our IS teams to better meet the current and future IS needs of EMHS. In order to achieve our goals, it is an imperative to align IS operational priorities with EMHS strategic initiatives. In addition, it is estimated we will also achieve a $2M decrease in annual operating costs by fiscal year 2016.”

In July, we announced to employees the centralization of 62 positons. Of the 62, 61 will be brought into the centralized IS structure beginning October 1. In addition to centralization of employees, we said 43 positions would be eliminated through the creation of a systemwide shared IS structure – 15 of those positions were vacant, 23 positions were a reduction in force, and five were elimination of functions no longer needed in the future state structure. Since then, we are pleased to report that a total of 13 employees have found new positions within the EMHS system and four are currently engaged in the interview process for IS positions. As of today, 11 employees within IS Infrastructure Services are currently still without positions, but will continue to work with the EMHS Employee Career Center to identify other job opportunities. While these numbers reflect the current state, work is still in progress.

Johnson continued, “While we are happy to provide new and exciting opportunities for many IS employees who are assuming new roles, we also recognize the reality that there are not enough positions to accommodate all current IS staff members. We continue to work with the EMHS Employee Career Center and Human Resources to identify potential other career opportunities throughout the system and otherwise ensure all employees are supported through this transition. ”

Currently, there more than 350 IS employees throughout EMHS. To adequately meet the requirements of the new IS model, about 309 employees will be accommodated within the new IS structure. In addition, 31 staff members will also move to Informatics and Education, which will be housed within the Office of the Chief Medical Officer.

Similar reviews are also in progress for Community Relations, Facilities, and Supply Chain departments. It is premature to comment on an end result of these reviews due to the sensitive work that is currently underway.

Through strategic planning, we know that by the end of 2019, if we do not evolve, EMHS could face a $100 million financial gap. The improvements we make today will help EMHS continue to deliver the right care, at the right time, and in right place for generations to come.

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