Preparing to Respond: EMHS Conducts Emergency Preparedness Drill


(Bangor, Maine) - In April, the nation watched in  horror as two bombs exploded during the Boston marathon, killing and injuring many people. Although this event was tragic, it’s clear that it could have been even worse if not for the quick action of first responders and the ability of local hospitals to respond to crisis. And that is directly linked to level of planning a community does to prepare for the unthinkable. It is critical first responders, hospitals, police and others practice responding to tragedies together in case they need to come together for the safety and care of the community.
Here at EMHS, the Center for Emergency Preparedness managed a community-wide drill on June 25 at the Miller Drug stores on State Street and at the EMMC Healthcare Mall.

Kathy Knight, RN, director of the Center for Emergency Preparedness, says the drill focused on what to do if there is an “active shooter” situation, “Unfortunately, we know from events around the globe that these types of situations can and do occur so it is imperative that our community is prepared.”

Kathy says her staff worked with Miller Drug and with the departments located in the healthcare mall to ensure the drill didn’t affect patient care or customer service. “We also worked closely with Bangor law enforcement to ensure the safety of participants, employees, and community members during the drill,” commented Kathy.

During the emergency preparedness drill, EMT's work quickly to treat victims of an active shooter scenario. The scenario was as realistic as safely possible. Some of the players in this drill participated as victims.

Emergency preparedness drills are important in testing the readiness of our community response teams and are crucial in preparing our first responders in the event of an actual emergency.

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