Maine State Employees Join the Beacon Health Network


Beacon Health, a subsidiary of EMHS, is pleased to announce that more than 5,000 State of Maine employees and their dependents will be covered by our healthcare network, Beacon Health, which offers coverage across Maine. Through this agreement, state employees and their families will have access to more than 600 primary care providers in nearly 100 practices, including six EMHS hospitals (Blue Hill Memorial, CA Dean, EMMC, Inland, SVH, and the Aroostook Medical Center), as well as Mercy, the three hospitals of Central Maine Healthcare (Bridgton Hospital, Rumford Hospital, and Central Maine Medical Center), MDI, Downeast Community Hospital, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, and Northern Maine Medical Center and the primary care practices of Three Rivers, Sebasticook Family Doctors, Fish River, Health Access Network, and Katahdin Valley Health Center with even more looking to join our network soon. 
This new relationship will allow Beacon Health to expand its innovative health delivery model to more people in Maine, which has documented success among both EMHS employees and Medicare patients. Iyad Sabbagh, MD, Beacon Health senior medical director, says caregivers are noticing quality of life improvements in their patients. “Through local nurse care coordination, and helping people better understand and manage their own healthcare, not only are people living healthier lives, overall we are experiencing fewer hospitalizations and a reduction in emergency department visits.”
Those results coupled with EMHS Beacon Health’s work on population health management are what generated interest of the State Employee Health Commission (SEHC). “We are encouraged by the EMHS statewide approach to patient engagement and local nurse care coordination. Budget constraints have posed a significant challenge for the SEHC to provide valuable health benefits while containing costs. The EMHS efforts to transform from volume-based to a value-based reimbursement are well aligned with the SEHCs objectives and over all plans,” commented SEHC co-chairs Wanita Page and Joyce Oreskovich.
The contract was voted on and approved late last week. The SEHC members will start experiencing the benefits of Beacon Health, also known publically as the EMHS Difference in Care, starting in January 2014. Through this agreement, SEHC will have access to an innovative patient-centered payment model combined with quality metrics to ensure high quality care and improved health outcomes. “We believe this strategy is fundamental to preclude the impending healthcare financing crisis while improving the quality of care and maintaining consumer choice,” added co-chairs Joyce and Wanita.
Beacon Health prioritizes listening to the patient and developing individualized care plans, forging strong relationships with caregivers, and implementing leading edge electronic systems that allow two-way communication between patient and provider. For more on this innovative model, visit www.emhsdifferenceincare.org

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