United States Chief Technology Officer Speaks in Bangor

As chief technology officer of the United States, Todd Park's mission is to be a change agent and "entrepreneur-in-residence," helping America harness the power of data, technology, and innovation to extend opportunities for all Americans, boost the economy and create quality jobs, and improve the health of the nation while lowering costs. EMHS invited Park to come speak to the business and healthcare community in Bangor on the importance of healthcare technology to improving healthcare for Mainers.Today, Park presented Unleashing the Power of Data, IT and Innovation to Improve Health, at Spectacular Event Center in Bangor.

M. Michelle Hood, FACHE, president and CEO of EMHS calls Park a true innovator in healthcare. “Having heard Todd Park speak to similar groups on two occasions, I find him to be delightfully engaging with audiences. His knowledge and understanding of healthcare and information technology and how merging the two will allow data, technology, and innovation to improve the health of Americans captivates anyone who is interested in healthcare delivery and ensuring Mainers continue to have access to quality healthcare.” Hood added that Park’s message is especially timely with EMHS recently being named a Pioneer accountable care organization, linking coordinated patient care with health information technology.
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