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Business Process SupportEastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS) recently was awarded the Leveraging Technology to Enable Best Practices and Collaboration for using Lawson solutions to drive and adopt best practices across operations to drive sustainable collaboration, alignment, and cost savings.In other words, EMHS is transforming the way we do business and this is another way we are optimizing systems to do a better job collaborating across the organization.
All EMHS organizations use Lawson and almost every employee uses the system to choose their benefits each year. By sharing one platform, EMHS members now have access to a centralized accounting, supply chain, payroll, human resources, and benefits system which improves consistency and accessibility of data used for management decision making and forecasting  needs.  
Lawson has been in use since 1998, and Blue Hill, CA Dean, and Lakewood Nursing Home are the latest members to implement the system at their organizations in December 2011.
EJ Hikel, director of Business Process Support for EMHS, says, “This is a huge testament to what we’re doing as a system. The award should be celebrated by all employees, not just the team that supports its use.” Three hundred employees around the system use Lawson for core functionality on a daily basis.
Photo: Pictured in back left to right is EJ Hikel, director, Business Process Support (BPS) Department; Chad Smith, senior analyst, BPS; Doreen Herrin, manager, BPS; Sarah Ellis, analyst , BPS; Ed Nevells, senior interface programmer and analyst, IS Programming & Interfaces; and Greg Hamelin, senior application system analyst, IS Programming & Interfaces. Front row from left to right is Guyla Downing, analyst, BPS; Jody Caron, analyst , BPS; Tracy Ronan, manager, BPS; Lori Fowler, Senior Analyst, BPS; and Kimberly Drew, senior interface programmer and analyst, IS Programming & Interfaces. Not pictured are Jason Cyr, intermediate analyst, BPS; Cheryl Osborne, analyst, IS Security; Jay Rankin, manager, IS Security; Jeff Sanford, chief accounting officer; Glenis Sherwood, Director, IS Programming & Interfaces; and Christie Tiensivu, senior information security analyst, IS Security.
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