Penobscot Community Health Care Joins EMHS in Offering "Accountable Care"

This morning, during a news conference held at Penobscot Community Health Care’s (PCHC) Brewer Medical Center, PCHC  announced that they will be joining EMHS’ accountable care organization, for patients who are covered by Medicare. PCHC was selected by EMHS to be the first organization to join this new effort, and is the first community health center in Maine (and one of the very first in America) to actively embrace the accountable care effort.

Ken Schmidt, president and CEO of PCHC, says, “Penobscot Community Health Care is proud to be a part of a major initiative with EMHS, its leaders, and providers. Eastern Maine Medical Center and its primary care practices, the Acadia Hospital, and other EMHS member organizations are widely known for their total commitment to very high quality health care.”

Through accountable care, PCHC and EMHS will work together to present new solutions in today’s challenging healthcare environment. For years, healthcare providers were paid for units of healthcare services and procedures delivered, but through this new model, providers will be reimbursed for the quality of care provided, for clearly improving outcomes for our patients, and for reducing overall cost of healthcare.
“I am pleased to welcome Penobscot Community Health Care as a partner in our accountable care organization,” commented M. Michelle Hood, FACHE, president and CEO, EMHS. “In today’s healthcare environment, it is becoming increasingly important to work collaboratively so that we all are better positioned to provide our communities with the very best in care. This model encourages  hospitals, physicians, and community based services to work together to make meaningful change to healthcare. We know that more services and higher spending don’t always result in better outcomes – in fact, often exactly the opposite results. With an ACO model, the structure of care delivery shifts from how much a healthcare provider does to how well the patient does.”
EMHS and Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC) are committed to significantly improving  healthcare delivery  in greater Bangor, by helping their patients avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital and live as healthy of a life as possible, as well as reduce healthcare costs and improve efficiency.
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