Healthcare Charities Launches Investigation into Missing Funds


Healthcare Charities Launches Investigation into Missing Funds

BANGOR, ME – (March 20, 2012) – Healthcare Charities has learned through its own internal check-and-control systems that some charitable gifts seem to have been diverted by an employee for personal gain.

To date, the amount of suspected diverted funds looks to total approximately $55,000, although Healthcare Charities expects to learn more once the investigation is complete. Total giving to Healthcare Charities is approximately $10-15 million each year. Healthcare Charities works to raise private contributions to ensure access to the highest quality medical care for the people of eastern, northern, and central Maine.

“We were surprised and saddened to learn that a member of the Healthcare Charities team may have violated our trust and the trust of our donors,” said Michael Crowley, president of Healthcare Charities. “We pride ourselves in being a transparent organization of high integrity, so we feel it is our responsibility to inform the community and especially our donors of this matter and what we are doing about it.”

Since discovering the accounting discrepancy, the organization has launched a thorough investigation into the matter. Additionally, Healthcare Charities has:

  • Contacted law enforcement and is fully participating and cooperating in their ongoing investigation. If it is confirmed that illegal activities have taken place, the organization will pursue full prosecution and full reclamation of the missing funds.
  • Engaged an independent accounting firm to aid in the investigation.
  • Reviewed all current processes and have put in place additional checks and controls to safeguard donations.
  • Contacted all donors through calls and letters.

“Every dollar given through Healthcare Charities to assist patients in the communities we serve is extremely important,” said Crowley. “We take this matter very seriously and accept full responsibility for the safeguarding of these vital and meaningful funds.” Crowley added that he personally is deeply saddened that someone from within the Charities team acted in this manner.

Echoing Crowley’s comments, Lynne Spooner, vice chair of the Healthcare Charities board, said, “The integrity of the organization includes hundreds of community volunteers, a legion of loyal donors, and a highly professional staff; they – we – are all victims of this isolated event. Our mission will continue; our patients are relying on us.”

The funds in question are believed to be mostly in the form of smaller cash gifts. However, it is also possible that a few recent donations in the form of personal checks may be missing. If any donor discovers that a check payable to Healthcare Charities has not been deposited in a reasonable period of time, please call (866) 348-4078.

The employee, who no longer works for Healthcare Charities, is believed to have acted alone.

“We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support as we continue through this unfortunate process,” said Crowley. “After the investigation is finalized, we will be able to share more.”

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