New CEO at The Acadia Hospital


admin_coffey.jpgBREWER, Me. – (May 16, 2011) – EMHS president and CEO Michelle Hood, FACHE announced today that Daniel B. Coffey has been appointed president and CEO of The Acadia Hospital effective immediately.

“As we began the search for a new CEO at Acadia, it quickly became obvious that the best candidate was right here in our system,” says Hood. “Dan is highly regarded across New England as a wise and thoughtful leader. He understands how Acadia and the other members of EMHS work together, the Acadia and EMHS boards of directors know and trust him, and he has previous CEO experience in our system.” Hood added that Coffey also understands Maine’s political and regulatory environment, and both small and large hospital clinical and operational matters, “No other candidate would quickly appreciate or know our system and our state this intimately.”

Coffey has worked within EMHS for 34 years in a number of roles with increasing responsibility, currently serving as executive vice president, treasurer, and chief financial officer. Transitioning to hospital chief executive is a natural step for Coffey, who served nine years as president and CEO of Healthcare Charities, and six months as interim EMHS president and CEO. That he fills this position at Acadia completes a circle for Coffey, having been instrumental in the hospital’s creation in the late 1980’s. “I’ve celebrated Acadia’s good times and helped find solutions to problems that have arisen through the years. The Acadia Hospital is like one of my children. I want to see it do well – I know it can do well and I have the experience and institutional memory to help make that happen. A good understanding of history is helpful in arriving at successful future strategies.”

Acadia, like most healthcare organizations today, faces a plethora of operational challenges both internally and externally. Coffey says he will address these challenges the same way he has approached other challenges throughout his career, by listening, asking good questions, balancing clinical expectation with financial feasibility, and executing common sense solutions by employing skilled people and leading edge process and technology. “There is an outstanding clinical and management team already in place at Acadia. My administrative and financial skills will complement efforts to provide exceptional service at a reasonable cost. Acadia provides valuable services for our community and I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity to lead Acadia in a way that our patients, employees, and the community will be proud of.

Hood also announced that Scott Oxley, EMHS vice president and chief accounting officer will serve as interim chief financial officer for the system.

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