VNA Bangor Area Visiting Nurses / VNA Hospice of Eastern Maine

885 Union Street, Suite 220
Bangor , Maine  04401

Phone: 1-800-757-3326
Website: http://easternmainehomecare.org/Locations/Bangor-Area-Visiting-Nurses-Hospice-of-Eastern-Mai.aspx

About VNA Bangor Area Visiting Nurses / VNA Hospice of Eastern Maine:

100 years ago five federated women’s clubs joined forces to fund the Bangor Health Committee and hired Edith Bicknell to achieve five public health goals: pure food, clean milk, the diminution of filth, the health of public schoolchildren, and the free and ready availability of TB tests. Edith traveled by foot, horse and buggy, and trolley to tend to those sick at home. Edith had grit, tenacity, and compassion. From our humble yet proud beginnings in 1913 as the Bangor Health Committee, VNA Bangor Area Visiting Nurses includes a staff of nurses, home health aides, therapists and social workers - serving healthcare needs in our region. We're still on Edith's mission. As the delivery of healthcare moves from the hospital to home setting, the need for qualified care at home has increased. It’s where we most want to be when we’re sick. Visiting Nurses will be there. It's what we do best - it's our mission!

Hospice of Eastern Maine (HOEM) was the first hospice in the Bangor area and originally named COPES. It is a community-based program licensed by the State of Maine and certified by Medicare and Medicaid. Since 1981, HOEM has been helping family members and friends care for their loved ones in a way that preserves quality of life and eases pain so that one's final days can be comfortable and meaningful. Hospice care is an appropriate choice when the medical focus is on pain relief and symptom control rather than a cure; and when a person is ready to spend his or her final days at home, cared for by family, friends, caring volunteers and medical professionals.

VNA Bangor Area Visiting Nurses and Hospice of Eastern Maine services now extend into central Maine. Although home care services are paid for by public and private sources, or directly by patients and their families, tax-exempt donations help cover the cost of care provided to the uninsured or underinsured. A part of the VNA Home Health Hospice, and a member of EMHS, VNA Bangor Area Visiting Nurses works to ensure the highest quality home care and hospice is available to those who need it.

For more information about our home care and hospice services, please call our patient referral line toll-free at 1-866-591-8843.