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EMHS Web Site Publishing Statement

All EMHS websites are official publications of EMHS. Their purpose is to provide information about EMHS hospitals and affiliates, their mission, events and programs for both internal and external audiences. In addition, the web sites are designed to provide access to educational resources, informational tools, and navigational aids to further the professional growth of staff and physicians, and to increase the healthcare knowledge of area consumers. They are a continuously evolving resource that undoubtedly will grow in scope and creative application as time goes on.

To assure a unified image and high quality content as these sites evolve, all EMHS web information will be directed through the eBusiness or Community Relations departments. Periodically, the Web Affinity Group or designees will review the sites for accuracy, currency, continuity and compliance with the EMHS policy outlining the web publishing standards and guidelines. For more information about the EMHS Website Guidelines, please contact the EMHS eBusiness Department at 973-5118.

Responsible Use
All submissions intended for publication on the web sites are expected to provide materials that are consistent with federal and state law, system policies and established procedures, and that further the role and mission of EMHS.

EMHS is committed to providing access of its web sites to all community members. In doing so, EMHS strives to be compliant with the W3C web accessibility protocols.  We utilize a variety of tools to check our sites for accessibilty issues such as page titles, alt tags for images, proper metadata and a variety of other accessibility protocols identified on the W3C website.  Because we are always striving to provide an accessible web site, please contact the webmaster if you find an area in which we have not done so.

Input and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. To send feedback on any EMHS web page, or to submit a suggestion, please email your comment to webmaster@emh.org. Response timeframe by the respective department will depend on the nature of the inquiry or feedback.